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Services and processes distributed over different scales and parameters prevent today’s businesses to find the organizational structure synchronized, leading to poor decision-making capabilities, redundant workflows, inability to adapt quick transformations, etc. This generates a high priority need to take all our IT over a single cloud platform through IT Service Management or popularly termed as ITSM.

Aligned IT Processes Catering To Organization Growth

ITSM refers to the implementation and management of information technology services. Niksla ITSM solutions with its various service management partners leverage a business view of IT services, enabling the IT support organization to quickly resolve or escalate issues and problems, improve root cause isolation, and provide higher levels of business user satisfaction. ITSM works across the whole lifecycle of a service, from the original strategy, through design, transition and into live operation.



Prepare yourself for a hassle-free experience

Niksla forward-thinking solutions prioritize efficiency and productivity, creating a seamless flow of integrated services in the cloud utilizing ITSM products and practices.

We implement IT service management processes to streamline and automate our client’s service delivery management processes such as incident, problem, change, release, SDLC and configuration management. We bring substantial process expertise, ServiceNow experience and depth of organizational governance modelling to build solutions that are effective and provide complete life cycle support for these core processes.



Key Capabilities

Incident Management

It helps in identifying, report on and manage incidents through their life cycle. It centralizes all incident management needs, improves end-user experiences, and drives service improvement, restoring services faster with intelligent routing.

Problem Management

It increases business productivity and proactively reduces service disruptions, improves team’s transparency and communications – contributing towards company’s business goals and preventing future discrepancies.

Change Management

It helps businesses integrate change processes across IT, reduce costs involved with business-critical service downtime, improve service relationships, manage and control change, gain insight into change and release incidents.

Configuration Management

It helps businesses better understand the IT environment by providing insight into financial resources, service availability, and capacity management besides knowing the impact of incidents, problems, and change.

Request Management

It helps in providing an autonomous portal that works on all devices. Mobile capabilities give employees the freedom to request services anytime, from any device and get automated status updates to ensure expectations are met.

Mobile Application

It helps to work across IT, HR, facilities, finance, legal and other departments – all from one single mobile application, consolidating approval requests from multiple departments and integrated systems into one place.

Mobile Agent

It helps agents to triage, address and resolve requests on the go from anywhere easier and faster. The tools and data provided also contributes to complete tasks in an efficient manner increasing productivity and managing team performance.

Virtual Agent

It makes it easy for employees and customers to resolve issues fast with an AI Powered conversational chatbot to get instant ROI with guided setup, integrations and configuration tools, also concluding to reduced call volumes.

Predictive Intelligence

It helps in solving issues quickly with smart suggestions powered by natural language processing. Also proactively detects major incidents and uncover the biggest opportunities for improvement at the real time.

Agent Workspace

It helps in providing resolution with a workspace with a single view to get full context, analytics and AI assisted recommendations by working on multiple issues concurrently in an optimized and intuitive layout.

Service Owner Workspace

It helps in maximizing service quality with an integrated view of the complete lifecycle and delivers great service experiences with a consolidated view of the service owner’s portfolio and performance.

Vendor Manager Workspace

It helps in viewing and managing the vendor services from a single workplace. It also helps in making data-driven decisions and maximizing value of an organization with consolidated insights into vendor performance.

Walk-Up Experience

To enhance the walk-up support experience for end users and service agents, this application helps with online check-in via web, geo location capabilities and accurate queue estimation to manage face to face IT support requests.

Dynamic Translation

It enriches seamless localization experience enabling the translation of dynamically generated text, such as user entered text on various forms using translation service providers.

Hardware Asset Management

It helps in simplifying knowledge authoring experience, improving self-service and case resolution by automatically identifying knowledge gaps and assigning them to authors for resolution.

Knowledge Management

It automates lifecycle processes for IT assets from procurement to disposal with cross-functional workflows and a native CMDB on a single platform.

Employee Service Centre

It helps in improving employee experiences by providing one source of information and services in the organization that includes functions like HR, IT, and workplace services concluding reduction in caseloads.

Hardware Asset Management

It runs on a single-architecture platform, enabling faster outcomes to slash spending and license compliance risks. It also simplifies and automates software asset allocations for new employees.

Performance & Analytics

It helps in monitoring performance to identify areas for improvement and detect service bottlenecks before they appear. It also helps in prioritizing resources and maximizing automation to increase efficiency.

Reports & Dashboard

With the help of single data model combined with the service management practices, users get predefined and customized reports, and can build interactive dashboards quickly ensuring flexible reporting capabilities.

Service Level Management

It provides detailed visualizations to help users understand active SLAs, notifications, and escalations to understand organizational performance against service commitments between IT and its users.


It helps with actionable recommendations for achieving service excellence to analyses and optimize one’s own performance. It also helps to drive improvements and productivity to set internal goals.

Continual Improvement Management

It helps organizations by tracking all improvements in a single system of action and aligning it with business goals by connecting it overall business strategy, enabling smart decision making with a rich visual dashboard.

Surveys & Assessments

Surveys drive up customer satisfaction (CSAT) score with the help of an intuitive and powerful interface to scale customer experiences and what they are looking for. Assessments help with detailed process and performance insights.

Workforce Optimization

It helps in viewing and analyzing the performance of our workforce in real-time which further helps to improve scheduling, identity access management and work quality accommodated over a single platform.

Process Optimization

It maximizes efficiency across the processes by providing visual maps, improving service delivery, finding and removing costly variants in core business processes.

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