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What does our Online Testing Platform Technology Provide?

Testing your skills through textbooks is pretty boring and consumes a lot of time. What if the tests are made interesting and you are awarded each time for a good score?

At Niksla, we provide you with the latest testing applications where the students can test their skills within the given time limit and get rapid results and feedback.

Our online testing app provides with the similar pattern of questions and the same time limit as on the exam day to provide them an environment of the examination Centre. The tests are divided into different difficulty levels to assess the ability of the students. The rapid test results and feedback will help them analyze their shortcomings and improve on the same.

The students will also be rewarded with tokens of appreciation for good performances.

Our online testing cloud based technology is cost effective and reduces unnecessary wastage of time. It is the new pen and paper of the modern world. Various online exams are conducted through the online testing technologies that provide instant results at the end of the examination. This virtual testing technology has made it easier for the students to appear for the exams from home during crisis type situations.

Features of our Online Testing Technology

  1. The students get immediate results which subsides their anxiety.
  2. The immediate feedback helped the students assess themselves and overcome their shortcomings.
  3. Online exams require only a proper internet connection. The students can take the exam anywhere.
  4. The online assessments can made interactive and entertaining by incorporating user engaging videos and recordings.
  5. The students with disabilities can also appear for an online exam. For eg., voice typing.

Online testing technology has completely transformed the traditional system of examination. Moreover, today’s generation is a digital freak and finds the online exams fun.

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