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Machine Learningas a services

Machine learning as a service (MLaaS)

Machine learning as a service (MLaaS) is an array of services that provide machine learning tools as part of cloud computing services. MLaaS helps clients benefit from machine learning without the cognate cost, time, and risk of establishing an in-house internal machine learning team. Infrastructural concerns such as data pre-processing, model training, model evaluation, and ultimately, predictions, can be mitigated through MLaaS.

The functionality and characteristics of different MLaaS platforms vary but at TSI, we provide our clients with a cloud environment, which they can use to prepare data, train, test, deploy, and manage their machine learning models:

  • Data management– MLaaS platforms allow the client to store input data for the machine learning models in the cloud, use open datasets, and import data from other storage locations.
  • Model Development- At TSI, we provide our clients with a range of options to develop their model- use frameworks, use autoML solutions, use out-of-the-box algorithms, import modules, use pre-trained modules etc.
  • Training ML modules– Our data centers can handle all the computations and manage the underlying infrastructure so that the models can be easily scaled.
  • Model Deployment– MLaaS platforms usually fully manage the ML model deployment. Moreover, our clients can deploy ML models they have developed and trained elsewhere.
  • Performance Monitoring– With MLaaS, clients are entitled to get support after model deployment. This support might include- monitoring ML applications for operational and other ML related issues, providing continuous feedback on the model performance, and capturing an end-to-end audit trail of the machine learning lifecycle.

MLaaS is already being used across various industries including healthcare, finance, retail, manufacturing, transportation, telecom, and others. Furthermore, it has seen uses across different business processes, such as risk analytics, fraud detection, marketing, advertising, supply chain optimization, and inventory management optimization, among others. At TSI, we aim to provide ML as a service with the highest level of efficiency to our clients.

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