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Nikola Tesla (1856-1943)

Live Class Approach

What does our Live Class App provide?

Niksla provides you with a live class application that enables you to share your lectures, courses, and other instructional materials that are then made available to the students.

Whether you are a start-up, established educational Centre, or an individual running coaching and tuitions, each one of you can go live through the live class application at Niksla, and get recognized. The students can access your study material anywhere, anytime. These live sessions can also be recorded for future reference.

Our live class technology gives a new direction to the education system. This will make it easier for the teachers to impart their knowledge across the globe. Such a cost-effective and time-saving technology that has brought a digital revolution in the field of education also helps you attend the ongoing classes and overcome the loss through the recorded sessions. Our live class application will broaden the students’ perspective and instill creative thinking and reasoning abilities.

Live classes are gradually eradicating the traditional class system. The students can study from their own comfort zones and need not waste time commuting to the coaching centers and schools.

Features of our Live Class App

  1. It enables the students to study in their own comfort zones.
  2. It has made long-distance learning easier.
  3. The live classes or virtual classes facilitate communication and collaboration among the students of different schools and geographical locations.
  4. Widens the horizon of the students and instills rationalizing power and creative thinking within them.
  5. Helps them visualize what they study which makes them understand things better.
  6. Time-saving and affordable.
  7. Easily accessible across the globe.

Live Online Technology has given way to the modern education system and has set high trends in the EdTech business. It has brought digital transformation into the classrooms and made education fun and easy.

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