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Niksla Tesla

Nikola Tesla (1856-1943)


A successful business cannot be built without a well-

defined business strategy. Furthermore, a well-defined

strategy is only as good as the plan put in place to

operationalize it. We recognize that every business is unique

and therefore requires a customized strategic roadmap.


Program/Project Management

At Niksla we follow a consistent three-step process (Discover, Research,

Propose). This involves using a combination of tools and frameworks to examine a

business using both internal and external perspectives.

Achieve Business Success Through Delivery

Careful coordination and management of people, processes, and technology are critical to the success of complex IT projects. At TSI, our Program and Project Management services aim to overcome the challenges and ensure that our clients achieve their project goals—on-time and within their budget. In addition, we help our clients:

  • Minimize implementation time
  • Avoid risks and pitfalls
  • Gain better visibility into project status
  • Adapt to changing priorities and needs
  • Achieve greater adoption of new processes and technologies
  • Maximize ROI of their projects
project management

Better Business Performance Requires a Well-Executed Strategy

Various challenges a company might face during Project management are:

  • Poorly defined goals
  • Poor team skills
  • Inadequate communication
  • Risk assessment
  • Lack of stakeholder engagement
  • Ambiguous contingency plans
project management

Get Expert Support Necessary to Make your Project a Success

Our Program and Project Management team provide the expertise, guidance, and oversight that organizations need to ensure the success of their project. Leveraging our experience, we bring tremendous industry, product, and methodology knowledge to our clients’ projects. We know the best practices, pitfalls to avoid, and the right actions to take when something doesn’t go as expected. Our Program and Project Managers assist companies in many ways including:

  • Planning and defining scope
  • Providing team leadership and mentorship
  • Assigning and coordinating the right resources, when and where they’re needed
  • Working with vendors to ensure they deliver what’s needed, as expected
  • Establishing schedules and tracking timelines, adjusting as needed
  • Identifying opportunities to gain efficiencies and streamline processes
  • Managing the project to the budget and providing forecasts
  • Managing risks and responding to issues
  • Coordinating projects/tasks and interdependencies
  • Aligning deliverables with desired business outcomes
  • Creating and managing documentation
  • Ensuring and controlling quality of deliverables
  • Monitoring and reporting progress to stakeholders
  • Ensuring milestones and goals are achieved on-time and within the budget
program management

Whether it is pure agile, waterfall, or a practical combination of the two, we curate our approach with what works best for our customers without compromising our efficiency.


We meticulously prioritize our steps based on your strategic objective, technical recommendations, and resource availability.


Our project leaders propagate a culture of collective success and collaboration that adapts to change.


We keep projects on track by taking ownership of every task and maintaining this accountability throughout the key milestones

Feedback Machnism

We build a continuous pipeline of feedback and constructive criticism so that it can lead to improvement and satisfying your expectations.

sustainable approach

Our approach ensures the long-term sustainability of change that guarantees a return on your technology spends.

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