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On Page Optimization

Digital and social media marketing have been playing a major role in the success of a website in the recent years. However, it has not undermined the importance of on-page optimization in any way. It is still one of the first things to do when one starts work on a website. It is extremely crucial to spend time on on-page optimization as it forms the root of your website, and if the root is not strong the website would never be able to achieve success. Niksla SEO team believes in giving proper and equal attention to on-page optimization.

At Niksla, a separate SEO strategy is designed for every website. Here, we have provided with a list of on-page optimization services provided by us.

Content: Special attention is given to the quality of the content provided on the website. We know that there is no chance of high ranking or traffic if the website does not have good, relevant content that people want to read. We see to it that only useful content is available on the website.

Keywords: Our SEO Assistants spends substantial amount of time in researching for the right keywords that are popular but do not have much competition. These keywords are included seamlessly into the content of the website. Our SEOs and content writers make sure that the right keyword density is maintained. We do not indulge in keyword stuffing.

Sitemap: The sitemap on your website will help search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. to know what pages exist on your website and then index them. This is an important step to make sure that your website comes on the top of search engine page results for your targeted keywords.

Meta Tags: Although meta tags are not very popular as they used to be earlier with Google, it makes sense to add them. This is because other popular search engines still make use of meta tags. We ensure that the meta tags have all the primary and second keywords that are present on the website content.

Anchor Text: Another important part of on-page optimization is anchor text. Our team at Niksla makes sure that the anchor text possesses the relevant keywords. With us, your website will not have anchor text that has a group of random numbers.

Image Alt Text: In the recent times, a lot of importance is given to the images on the website apart from the content. We see to it that all the images on your website have a proper alt text so that they can come on the search results for images if a similar keyword is searched for

Title Tag: The title tag is like a short summary of the web page it represents. It helps one to describe the content of the page. The perfect title tag is not very long but not too short, to the point and contains the right keywords

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