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A successful campaign doesn’t exist without a starting plan. We at Niksla conduct market analysis and use these results to build you a highly-specialized strategy. We work out key content requests and keywords that consumers are looking for, making sure that your site has the right calls to action, and helping funnel clients to your products and services and convert them into sales.

Why Choose Our Digital Marketing Services

Internet-Marketing of any business is important to gain customers. Internet is the first place people go to for everything, right from buying a product to knowing about a person or company. Hence, having a website is not enough. You have to make sure that it can be seen by everyone. For this, marketing becomes extremely essential. Niksla helps to bring in more customers through digital marketing services.

Our Primary Objectives

  • Re-establish your credibility
  • Describe your products or services
  • Complete sales transactions
  • Offer customer services and support
  • Communicate company identity or branding

Our Secondary Objectives

  • Search engine friendly website
  • Generate repeat traffic
  •  Encourage visitors to recommend your site through social networking or other means
  • Create an online community of your customers through email marketing
  • Increase your customer loyalty
  • Encourage clients and users to navigate your site and stay on site as long as possible
  • Chart our your marketing plan for SEO, SEM as well as Social Media Marketing

Our Digital Marketing Services

Each step we take to promote your business, company or website online is done after a lot of planning and research. Right from online reputation management to lead generation to mobile app marketing, we would do everything to keep you at the top of search engine results.

Target Audience

We always keep your target audience in mind while planning our digital marketing strategies.

  • We make sure that the website is a responsive one so that users can view it easily on any device.
  • With help of unlimited colour options and awesome sliders, we make the website attractive and at the same time useful.
  • We care about your website as much as you do and hence provide you with 100% support.

Lead Generation

Being at the top of the search engine may not be sufficient if you do not work on lead generation.

  • Right from landing page optimization to email marketing, everything is done by Niksla, the lead generation company in Toronto.
  • Chat and call-back options are added to the website to encourage customers to act quickly.
  • We also take the help of behavioural, marketing and event triggered emails to increase your number of customers.
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