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Digital Twins

Digital Twins

Digital Twins

Digital twin refers to the digital replica or representation of a physical object or an intangible system, which can be examined, altered, and tested without interacting with it in the real world and avoiding negative consequences. In simpler terms, it can be thought of as an online platform for testing, creating, and alerting objects that are based in reality, without engaging with them in the real world itself. It is a virtual model of the physical processes and it helps one to analyze the data, and develop solutions for problems that may appear. Digital twins can also provide insights into the stimulations with help of real-time data, thereby connecting the product digitally with its own blueprint.

The concept of the digital twin is the next big thing in most business sectors as it lets one accurately predict the current and future state of physical assets by analyzing their digital counterparts. By implementing digital twins, organizations can gain better insights on product performance, improve customer service, and make better operational and strategic decisions based on these insights. Some applications of digital twins have been surfacing for some time now. These are generally in the following fields-

  • Manufacturing sector
  • Automobile sector
  • Retail Industry
  • Healthcare
  • Smart cities
  • Industrial IoT

With additional software and data analytics, digital twins can often optimize an IoT deployment for maximum efficiency, as well as help designers, figure out where things should go or how they operate before they are physically deployed. This technology is surely something to look out for! At TSI, we can help your company leverage this technology from a more real-time perspective.

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