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Niksla Tesla

Nikola Tesla (1856-1943)

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A Managed service provider refers to an IT company that is offering managed services to end-users and organizations on a proactive basis. Managed services are essentially responsible for hosting and managing servers, specialized applications, and a network of clients. Generally, MSPs own the entire physical back-end infrastructure and provide resources to their clients. All this […]



Internet of Things

Internet of Things (IoT) is a huge network of internet-connected devices that transmits and stores the data between the devices and acts accordingly. This helps to communicate in real-time data without involving a human being. IoT is the technology with the power to change the future of how we consume resources, while also enabling us

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Digital Twins

Digital Twins

Digital twin refers to the digital replica or representation of a physical object or an intangible system, which can be examined, altered, and tested without interacting with it in the real world and avoiding negative consequences. In simpler terms, it can be thought of as an online platform for testing, creating, and alerting objects that

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Enterprise Applications

Enterprise Applications

Enterprise Applications (EA) are software solutions that provide business logic and tools to model entire business processes for organizations to improve productivity and efficiency. Enterprise applications are core components of any organization’s IT solution-set and are critically important to the running of any enterprise.  EA systems help drive: Good customer relationships Improved organisation efficiency Data-driven

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